Visa Information

Visa Application

You will need a valid passport (for 6 months at least) and visa for visiting Mongolia. Attendees from most countries will be required to obtain a visa to enter Mongolia. Attendees can apply for a Mongolian visa directly at the nearest Mongolian embassy or Consulate.

Once you have paid for the 6th COSC registration, we will issue you an official invitation letter to assist you to obtain a visa to Mongolia. In this case would you please supply the following information at your earliest convenience?

You can use the letter to get a visa in the nearest Mongolian Embassy/Consulate.

The invitation letter will state the conference name, the duration of the conference, your detailed correspondence that will be extracted from your inquiry.

Please contact: .

Please drop an email to with the subject “Require invitation letter for the 6th COSC2019”, and provide the following information:

  • Surname
  • Name: (Prof./Ms./Mr. …)
  • Paper ID: (conference)
  • Citizenship
  • Passport number
  • Copy of your foreign passport
  • Home address
  • Work address
  • Place where you will get Mongolian visa

For further information please visit the Webpage of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia at here. Please note that if your country not listed in the list of Visa free countries you should register for this conference as earlier as possible.